Saturday, 4 February 2012

Never too old

Random question.


Why the fuck does our pee smell like coffee after consuming coffee?

Sorry for grossing you out, but during lunch today my friends and I were discussing this matter. My weird theory is that the smell of coffee is strong enough to withstand all the digestive juices in our system. But then again how is it possible for smell to be digested? Ignore me i'm talking gibberish. Bottom line is coffee still is AWESOME even if it does change the smell of your pee/ urine/ bodily excretions. 


I've been in IMU for about a month now and there's one thing that i have to say.


Being here has also taught me a few very valuable lessons that i will carry forever in my heart:
1. Being "professional" means no short skirts. Some of you may not know but IMU requires their students to wear formal clothes every day. However girls always manage to get away with leggings and T-shirts. Once I was stopped by a guard for wearing a short skirt (to the guard anyway). It went something like this.

Me: Yes? *innocently*
Guard: Your skirt is too short. Write your name and student id here.
Me: *how i see my skirt*

 Guard: *how the guard sees my skirt*
Ok maybe i was exaggerating it a little. 

2. You've got to settle for PALATABLE food and not delicious, scrumptious food here in Bukit Jalil. Food here sucks. Generally does. Students staying here in vista komanwel have to resort to either cooking, eating maggi or buying food from roadside stalls. Ok there's like char kueh tiaw and chap fan but still. It's just. Meh.

3. Find friends who can drive. This is so that you're not sent to an asylum for being too fucked up from eating the same food over and over again.

4. Always keep bread in your room. Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you have absolutely nothing to eat (especially on Sundays when EVERYTHING is closed), just shut up and eat bread.

5. Get broadband. It is more likely that you will die of boredom than of hunger during the weekends when all your lucky friends get to go home for the weekend.

Apart from what i've learned, i've also gained many things. For example, totally awesome, whacked-up, silly and devastatingly funny friends:) Yes we are major camwhores so do beware.

 Totally failed jumping shot.

Maybe it's cause it's my first sem so it still leaves a lot of time on our hands for fun. Either way I"m glad to have met such a great bunch cause they make being a away from home a little less devastating.



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