Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Got the blues

Am in the blogging mood.

Which comes as a surprise to me.

My mood these few days have been like

To those who have been faithful followers of my blog, you guys are probably expecting yet another funny weird ass post from me.

Sorry to disappoint but le me can't really get the joker out of me these few days.

I may be all fine and dandy in person.

I may be surrounded by great company.

But still i have this urge to just run home, crawl up in a ball and console myself with large cups of bubble tea and greasy, crispy fried chicken.

Oh don't forget chilli cheese fries. Deep fried reconstituted meat sounds good too.

Do not be alarmed.

There's nothing wrong with me. I swear:)

Just another of my in-explainable whirlwinds of depression.

OK seriously not as bad as it sounds.

But i guess this odd occurrence has something to do with Valentine's day.

For all those out there who don't know, I have been in a long distance relationship with Hillie (click here to find out more longer than you'll ever wanna know.

So, during Valentine's day (or any other special occasion) we have this tradition of having skype dinners.

Yes it is what it is.

We simply have dinner in front of our computers as if we were really eating together in person.




* sorry for the obsession with pictures of extremely expressive babies


So he could not see me.

Thankfully i could see him.

More like a blurry, pixel-ated version of him.

Seemed like i was staring at a moving, talking, eating blob of total blurness.

I had to take pictures of me eating my dinner for him.

Got Carl's Jr.

Why not a steak?

On a tight budget. That's another story.

So here are some shots.

Ok honestly the burger doesn't look very appetising because it was bought 2 hours before i consumed it so it got a little soggy.

Even though this wasn't my ideal way of spending Valentine's, yet at the end of the day i was somewhat fine with it.


We talked, we laughed, we joked, we cried.

Best part of it all was that i spent it with someone i truly cared about.

Being with the one that you love, despite not being physically present, is good enough for me:)


Check out his blog too!

For my next post i do promise a kickass one!

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