Sunday, 19 February 2012

I swear it's not just me

Ok here's the deal.

Everyday weird thoughts go through my mind.

An insight into my highly complex and unfathomable mind may make you go like this


Was thinking of what to blog about since i'm in dire need of getting myself out of this listless state (for more information click here ).

In the process i started thinking of weird habits that i tend to do.

I realise i stare.


Yes i have to say Malaysians have a terribly rude habit of staring at just anything and everything.

When there's an accident on the road.

When a girl wears skimpy clothes

When someone eats alone.

When a girl trips and falls.

When a guy trips and falls.

Yeah you get the gist of how much we stare.

When i stare, i observe and analyse people.

No i'm no psychologist (even though i did study psychology last year) but it doesn't take Einstein to stare at people. 

So when i stare a few things go through my mind.

1. Observe what they wear.

If i'm staring at a girl, i'd check out how cute her clothes are and how jealous i am of them.

If it's a guy i'd stare at how well his clothes fit or if they're colour coordinated.

2. Observe their faces.

I won't get into details on this one cause i can be quite critical.

But mostly i just check girls and guys out to see if they're hot.

3. Try to play detective.

Yes i channel my inner Sherlock Holmes and whip up their life story.

Usually around this time is when they notice that i'm staring.

SO they stare back.

In my mind, i think why the hell are you staring at me?

And i go



It's not good to stare.

When we stare,

people would think that we're staring cause we think that

1. They're hot.


2. They're not.

So stop staring people!

It's not very polite.

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