Wednesday, 1 February 2012


My first blog post! 

Wow this already feels like an accomplishment considering that i spent 2 hours trying to find a template only to screw up the settings of it.

It didn't take me long to decide on what the hell i was going to write for my first post. Since this post is somewhat significant - seeing as it IS my first post, i decided to blog about the significant people in my life:)

p.s: these people are not arranged according to their rank of significance as they are all equally important to me:)


This. Boy. Is. Amazing. No i'm sorry he's not amazing. HE'S FUCKING AMAZING. Sorry for the crudeness. Prepare to be shocked people as hillie and i have known him for about 3 years and 9 months now and i'm still loving every minute of it:) Being in a long distance relationship has taught me that not being able to see each other or be within each other's presence everyday is a real killer, but in the end when we do it's just magically mind blowing. It really is. There's no one i'd rather come home to at the end of the day and rant or talk or shout or cry or laugh with other than hillie:) He's my sexy  knight in shining armour that i love dearly with all my heart.

(Archbishop Ha's granddaughter people!!)

YES NAT i can hear you screaming at me all the way across the sea that divides East and West Malaysia which i cannot seem to remember for posting that old pic of us during the last day of school:P Nat has been a true friend to me ever since we first met in piano class when i was still cute and had millions of clips in my hair. We grew so much closer over the years and this friendship really means so much to me as not only has she always been there for me through my hysterical episodes, she's always managed to put a smile on my face:) I just love how we can confide in each other for anything and everything because i know that even though everything goes wrong, i still have a real and true friend like her:')


BEHOLD ONE OF MY OLDEST FRIENDS FROM SMK ST TERESA!!! Yes unfortunately the first time i saw her i thought she was a snobby arrogant biatch and likewise she thought i was annoyingly quiet to the point where she referred to me as the girl with the black watch. That's my creative friend right here:D Gladys has always been a joy to be around with. She's never failed to amuse me with her imaginative choreography and singing. Until today i'm still not used to how loud she can be especially when she starts clapping. I'm just thankful to have her help me survive my school days:)


Yes steph i love you that much to put a terribly unflattering shot of me from our high school days:P Steph has always been the sweet, humble and obliging girl whose fingers you wanna squeeze because of how incredibly tiny and adorable they are:D Steph has always been a great friend to me but only last year did i really discover how amazing she is:D We spent a whole year together during college and through that, i've discovered that not only is she kind, gentle and caring, she too is selfless and generous:) Those are the few things i love about her, not to mention the fact that she puts up with my monstrous mood swings. I MISS YOU STEPH!! (shouting all the way from bukit jalil to perth).


Serene if you're reading this then HELLO SEWEEENNEE!!! Yes i present to you my beloved sister whose childhood i've unfortunately scarred. If you're wondering it's cause whenever we used to play i was ALWAYS the disney princess and i forced her to be a sidekick. For example,

Me: Ariel
Serene: Flounder
Need i explain the scarred childhood?

ANYWAY, serene has just given me the best and worst times. Even though we're polar opposites, yet by some god sent miracle we can relate to each other on many levels. As mature as i'd like to be, we still play childish games and share our secrets. That's what i love so much about our sisterhood (nearly typed sistership). Being away from her really sucks but i know at the end of the day we'd still be the best of friends:D


Yes derek is my brother (if it isn't obvious enough). I can't say he's been the best brother, even he would agree, but nonetheless he's been a great one:)

One of my fondest memories of him was when i was in Form 3. I attended a St Joe YCS talk and concert which unfortunately wasn't very successful. It was the night of the concert and feeling bored, i left and wondered outside with non other than hilary ho. Suddenly he called me sounding a little frantic asking where i was. I gave him my location (which was outside St Joe) and asked him why he called. He told me that some guy got robbed and the robber had a knife. He then told me to be careful and come back as fast as i could. Of course i made it back alive (praise the Lord). I guess i was deeply moved by how much he cared about me and how much he still is looking out for me even though now i'm living 14 floors above him:)

Yes this post is ending.

Don't panic.

But anyway i just want to thank all these people as they've made life worth living:) If you guys haven't guessed by now the title of my post is derived from the combination of all these lovely people's names.

Feel free to leave any comments below and thank you guys for actually reading the whole thing:D


  1. awesome shiats my babeh :D keep posting!

  2. HAHAHA yes i am panicking :P awwwwwww thanks for the post :)) so sweet. ahaha

    1. awww thanks nat:D appreciate you reading it:P