Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bitch please

Unveiling the most fucked up bitch in the universe.

Ok that's one seriously fucked up bitch.

But that's not the bitch.


Ok don't panic we're all still on the same page here.

That right there is my printer. HP D2660 if i'm not mistaken.

It's given me more hell-ish days than any bitch has ever given me.


Here's why.

When i print materials that are crucial for my lectures, there are 3 possible outcomes.

1. The printer ACTUALLY prints.

Yes my day will be considered a glorious and magnificent one if that ever were to happen. I'd be like

2. The printer goes all incredible hulk on me and eats up my precious printing paper.

It is EXCRUCIATINGLY frustrating when you have to hear the unfortunate crunch of the paper as the printer furiously devours it.

These are some of the remnants of the paper that i didn't manage to rescue.

Here's a close up of one of the small shreds of paper that i yanked out from the printer. Its size may have something to do with my state of mind at the time.

3. The printer just sits there and stares back at my eyes of fury.

When the printer doesn't respond AT ALL, i give it the cold shoulder and stare back with this face.

Yes not a very flattering face of mine but the printer needs to see my ugly side.


Enough said here. Hopefully my anger has been dissipated.

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