Monday, 25 June 2012


I have been M.I.A. recently.

I'm sorry.

I have been experiencing lazy-blogger's syndrome.

The rampant spread of this virus throughout my body is inevitable.


Trying to shrug off the laziness and that's exactly why I decided to post today!

Glorious day it is.

So to fill you guys up on things, I have been busy choreographing a dance and working on a play by the drama club for the IMU Festival of the Arts.

I can't lie that I'm feeling rather exhilarated about it.

I thrive on the exuberance of the audience and the adrenaline rush during a performance.

Besides that, I climbed a hill!

Broga hill to be exact.

We departed at 4am so that we'd be able to catch the sunrise.

The climb was rewarding, albeit being a tremendous challenge due to steep hills and ginormous boulders in which one was required to hoist himself/herself up with a rope or one's upper body strength.

After witnessing how terribly desperate everyone is to get a piece of me, I hope you do spare me the slightest bit of sympathy for not blogging much.

By the way if I wasn't clear enough, I was being sarcastic.

Some people don't get it when I'm being sarcastic (something I find deeply troubling).

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A mixture of random stuff

A few things I'd like to address in this post, since it is rare that I get such an epiphany about what to write.


It's unfortunate that I can't be with my daddy during Father's Day or else I'd be able to personally wish him face to face,

but yes to my amazing daddy, YOU ARE THE BEST!

I miss you and thanks for dealing with me.

There's no one I know who is as patient, gentle or generous as my daddy :)

Secondly, my kitchen adventures.

I haven't been posting the pictures because they don't exactly look very appetising.

Don't get me wrong, they tasted good though.

 French toast (one of them with ham and cheese).

Spaghetti with mini sausages (the way Sheldon Cooper likes it)

Those were last week's meals.

Thirdly, back to the topic of people staring.

I know I subconsciously stare at people, but I know when to STOP.

Some people just don't get the 'subtle' hints I give.

Their blank, inane stares irritate me to the bones.

Just this morning I was attending mass and this lady next to me just 








I turned towards her to confirm my suspicions and there she was, CAUGHT RED-HANDED STARING.

What do you do when you get caught?

Continue staring? OF COURSE!

Despite trying to appear aloof in the beginning, I ended up shifting in my seat with great annoyance and shooting dirty looks at her (this was my last resort seeing as she didn't plan on stopping).

I know I'm in a church, but I was annoyed.

Don't annoy me.

Now that I've written everything that I wanted to, this doesn't seem like much of an epiphany anymore.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Amidst the glare of daylight



I hate the sun.

As they say, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

Oh yeah. The epitome of the phrase.

Yes sun, you have mocked me and ridiculed me with your ultraviolet rays.

My only defense is,


For all of you who know me, I wouldn't walk an inch in the glaring sunlight without succumbing to the shade of my umbrella.

Sunblock is used when holding an umbrella isn't very possible.

E.g. Riding a bike, running along the coast of a beach, jogging in a park, etc.

I've always loathed the sun.

Strong word I know, but what other words would you prefer?

Despise? Detest? Feelings of repugnance?

The weather these days have been cruel.

Staying indoors and basking in an artificially-induced (albeit cool) environment has slowly morphed into one of my favourite pastimes.

Heck it has always been a favourite pastime.

As the weather worsens, so does my petulance.

Now I'm off to contribute to global warming again.

Hello sweet air-conditioner!

A silent lifesaver indeed.

Friday, 8 June 2012

In it to win it


Yes the aftermath of a game of laser tag.

I beg your pardon, two games of laser tag.

What is laser tag?

Strap on a stinky, musty, heavy, filthy (and unfortunately sometimes damp - a good breeding ground for germs) vest and carry a fancy-looking gun,

 and you're in the game.

My first attempt was BAD.

It was horribly terrible at so many pitiful levels.

At the end of the first game which lasted around 10 to 15 minutes, I was left with 480 points.


For all laser tag noobs/dummies out there, it's really really bad.

One does not simply achieve points below 1000 in laser tag.

Even 1000 is a measly figure.

How I imagined myself to be in laser tag.

What I actually looked like in laser tag.

Fortunately, I improved  the second time around!

I decided to run more and shoot more.

I even sacrificed my dignity by running around like a headless chicken.


Thighs were slightly sore after the game though due to crab-like movements when I was running from one place to another to seek refuge.

If you can't imagine it, just run and squat simultaneously.

Monday, 4 June 2012

What matters in life

Retail therapy. Always the solution to most problems in life.

We bought so much. 

TOO MUCH (not complaining).

My mum and my sister, Serene came over for a visit.

A prosaic and mundane weekend is non-existent with the presence of my family.

That's Serene. Yes we don't look alike. No I'm older. Yes I'm certain we're sisters. Just answering the usual questions imposed on us.

The girls of the family. 

Only when you're away from home do you actually realise how much your family means to you.

The relationship forged between family members is unbreakable.

They're the people who irritate you the most at times, but they're also the ones that you long for during times of distress.

When you're left completely bereft, in hopes of some support and comfort, they're the ones I turn to.

They've never failed me, and in return I hope I never do the same to them.

A wonderful weekend well spent.

A big thank you to my mummy and Serene for the splendid weekend!

Thank you my dear brother, Derek for coming with us for lunch (and providing the entertainment needed involving ice cream and a cone).

The only person missing is my daddy, but he would've been bored to death with our incessant shopping.