Friday, 8 June 2012

In it to win it


Yes the aftermath of a game of laser tag.

I beg your pardon, two games of laser tag.

What is laser tag?

Strap on a stinky, musty, heavy, filthy (and unfortunately sometimes damp - a good breeding ground for germs) vest and carry a fancy-looking gun,

 and you're in the game.

My first attempt was BAD.

It was horribly terrible at so many pitiful levels.

At the end of the first game which lasted around 10 to 15 minutes, I was left with 480 points.


For all laser tag noobs/dummies out there, it's really really bad.

One does not simply achieve points below 1000 in laser tag.

Even 1000 is a measly figure.

How I imagined myself to be in laser tag.

What I actually looked like in laser tag.

Fortunately, I improved  the second time around!

I decided to run more and shoot more.

I even sacrificed my dignity by running around like a headless chicken.


Thighs were slightly sore after the game though due to crab-like movements when I was running from one place to another to seek refuge.

If you can't imagine it, just run and squat simultaneously.

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