Monday, 4 June 2012

What matters in life

Retail therapy. Always the solution to most problems in life.

We bought so much. 

TOO MUCH (not complaining).

My mum and my sister, Serene came over for a visit.

A prosaic and mundane weekend is non-existent with the presence of my family.

That's Serene. Yes we don't look alike. No I'm older. Yes I'm certain we're sisters. Just answering the usual questions imposed on us.

The girls of the family. 

Only when you're away from home do you actually realise how much your family means to you.

The relationship forged between family members is unbreakable.

They're the people who irritate you the most at times, but they're also the ones that you long for during times of distress.

When you're left completely bereft, in hopes of some support and comfort, they're the ones I turn to.

They've never failed me, and in return I hope I never do the same to them.

A wonderful weekend well spent.

A big thank you to my mummy and Serene for the splendid weekend!

Thank you my dear brother, Derek for coming with us for lunch (and providing the entertainment needed involving ice cream and a cone).

The only person missing is my daddy, but he would've been bored to death with our incessant shopping.

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