Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Burning fury

So there I was, walking over to the ironing board with jaunty steps.

Oh how I wish I had a premonition of some sort, because shortly after, I burnt my knuckle with the iron.

Yes again I say I burnt my knuckle.

It took me awhile to grasp what was truly happening and after standing there, cursing like a sailor for a few seconds, I realised that the wise thing to do was to run my sore knuckle over tap water.

After running it over tap water and even holding my knuckle against the ice in my freezer that needs serious defrosting (http://non-stophampolishnonsense.blogspot.com/2012/05/ice-cidents.html), the pain just got worse.

It stings like a thousand bees and burns like a million suns (yes exaggeration).

Trust me it feels A LOT worse than it looks.

See that red bump? That's what I get for not being lazy for once.

 How did it happen?

After I pressed the iron against my soon-to-be crisp, white blouse, I set the iron aside in an upright position as I adjusted the white blouse to iron the crumpled regions.

My hand carelessly brushed against the exposed surface of the hot iron and here I am, writhing in pain.

Sorry to digress but I've been posting about my kitchen adventures for the last two posts.



I would like to thank Hillie for his contributions (since someone accused me of being a glory hog for those concoctions).

Your bright ideas are greatly appreciated :)

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