Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Every day there is a certain hour or perhaps a certain period, where we do not want to have anything to do with the world.

I call this the 'inconvenient' hours of the day.

We start getting lethargic and grumpy from our mundane routines.

We find everyone irritating.

We just want nothing more than to crawl into our caves and be alone (or maybe even have a satisfying nap).

For me it starts after lunch.

However there's a grace period and that's a few hours after lunch.

When I  slowly start creeping into the 'inconvenient' hours of the day, 

I dream of curling up into a ball on my bed and shutting myself off from the rest of the world just like a a leper exiled from his or her own land due to utter disgust and condescension of the public.

I will be 'self-exiled' from this world during these hours (and hide in my room watching drama series).

Loved this scene.

Sorry for the exaggeration. A habit I cannot curb.

You get the point. No one likes to be provoked and scrutinised during these hours.

It's just cruel.

So I had my usual cup of coffee in my Joe mug thanks to Natalie.

Just goes to show how much I ADORE the Jonas Brothers (specifically Joe).

Original picture right here. Oh how I wish I could say to the horse "Appreciate this moment because you're gazing into the eyes of a HOT angel".

So after I had my coffee I watched a continuous streak of television shows (curse you fast internet).

My favourite way to spend those 'inconvenient' hours of the day.

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