Monday, 7 May 2012


Ahh can you smell that?

It's the sweet aroma of boredom and satisfaction.

Holidays bring out the worst in you.


They bring out that ugly, lazy glutton lurking somewhere deep inside the crevices of our inner being.

It's an uncontrollable process really.

Few things I've learnt, or rather observed over the past week of nothingness.

1. Go large.

Ok I'm sure that I sound like a hypocrite right now but when you're home, with SO MUCH good food, you don't ever want to let a chance pass you by.

My advice to you?


It's alright to pack on a few pounds for the holidays.

Literally the size of my head .The biggest mug of Teh C Special or 3 Layer Tea you will ever find. Only right here in Kuching.

2. In love with yogurt.

Recently developed an obsession for yogurt and fruits.

I like my yogurt plain. 

Dunk fruits in it and OH GOSH IT'S HEAVEN ON EARTH.

3. I like taking idiotic pictures.

What's a girl gonna do with so much spare time?

Embarrass herself? 

You betcha.

Not all pictures are silly. 

I AM still a vain, pubescent teenage girl after all.

Here are some descent pictures to soothe your eyes after the previous ones.

Holidays aren't meant to be productive.

Praise the Lord for that.

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