Saturday, 28 April 2012

Expensive weight


3 WEEKS OF TOTAL BLISS AND FREEDOM (not to mention fun that does not require brain power).


Being as cool as a cucumber.

Almost done with packing.

LOVE packing for something exciting like going home.

But I just hate unpacking. Period.

Hope my suitcase doesn't exceed my 20kg limit.

Had a bad experience with overweight bags which led to me having to pay a fine of rm200.

Sad story, but true.

Trying to finish off my eggs before I fly off tomorrow.

So I had a bowl of Maggi with 3 eggs.

To me, eggs go best with the chicken-flavoured Maggi.


recently I have been eating Maggi every week (don't judge me, beggars aren't choosers).

I've noticed a slight irritation in my throat every time I consume this monosodium glutamate-ridden bowl of noodles.

Are the noodles really THAT bad?

Or is it merely an early warning sign from my body telling me to lay off the noodles or I'd die of a Maggi overdose?

Oh well.

Won't be eating Maggi for 3 weeks.


I only have one thing to say now.




Feel an earthquake in Kuching?

Fear not for it is I touching down >:)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

With a few blinks of both eyes


Long have I been dead, wallowing in the depths of despair as I clung unto the little faith I had that I would not give into temptation



I made it and IT FEELS GLORIOUS because


Can't believe it either.

With a few blinks of both eyes (not gonna say a blink of an eye because it definitely felt longer than a blink and no one blinks with just one eye cause it's weird) I'm done.

Adios mathchesmistryphysiology!!

It is no longer a necessity for me to master you.

Warning : This post may be a little lengthy due to my absence for the past week.

I have to say that though my first semester was only 4 months, yet I learned so much.

It is inevitable that I have grown as a person.

I've seen more things (not referring only to hot guys) and experienced more things.

For example,

I've learn to just let loose.

I do this thing where I only really show how weirdcrazyfunnyhyperenergetic I am with people that I've know for long periods of time and of course with people I'm very comfortable with.

Hence, when someone I am not particularly familiar with sees me in my natural habitat, they just stand in awe and amazement.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I'm getting there.

One of the crazy orientation activities in January (100% recyclable).

Second thing I learned is that 

I will not starve to death.

I started to cook.

Hold your horses it's just boiling eggs (yes it counts).

I have never boiled eggs in my life before this so kudos to me.

A decent egg-mayo sandwich by yours truly.


I rediscovered my passion for dancing.

I recently performed for the IMU ball and it was a magical evening.

Throughout all the practices, I realised how much I miss dancing.

Most of all I realised how much I LOVE it.

Cheers to a wonderful semester!

I will be wasting my time doing whatever the hell I want (that includes taking vain pictures).

because I'm FREE 


most of all because I CAN.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Invasion of the swans

Sorry for the delay. Exams next week.

Last Saturday (14th April 2012), was definitely an unforgettable night.

One of the best nights I've had in a long time. Why??

Because finally I was reunited with dance.

Ballet specifically.

For all those who're feeling blur, just click away

I was recruited by my sweet loving brother to perform with a bunch of lovely ballerinas and contemporary dancers for the IMU ball.

The thrill of sheer excitement and ecstasy coursing through my veins as I glided and spun across the stage brought back so many memories of those days.

Those days where I was still in my element, feeling like a princess in a tutu.

Fearless and untouchable as I graced the stage.


we kicked arse in our performance.

Had the time of my life dancing with AMAZING girls and of course our handsome prince.

Oh btw, we did Swan Lake with a modern twist.

A Saturday night well spent indeed.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Egg-cellent day

Upon this day, a remarkable discovery was made.

Another giant leap for mankind right here.

Neil Armstrong will be proud.


This comes as a shock to me because before this, I thought NOTHING in my kitchen here worked.

Now I know that not only does the stove work, so does the microwave! 

However, I'm forced to heat up my food in a microwave that serves as a sewage tank for lizards and other unimaginable creepy crawlies.

Yes that means it's dirty inside.

Pardon me, I don't mean dirty


Don't worry I cover my food before placing it in the microwave (and at the same time ensuring that I don't touch the droppings of those dreadful little creatures).

Why don't I clean it?

Well would I want to?




Then i mashed it all up and made myself an egg-mayo sandwich.

With cheese!

And THAT was my dinner :)

The biggest success I've ever had in the kitchen.

How I managed to whip up something edible is incomprehensible. 

Can I get a round of applause?

Standing ovation perhaps?

Or you could just smile and pretend to be impressed.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The real treat in the Easter egg

When I was young, I had to deal with this mind boggling question.

"Mummy, if Jesus died on Good Friday, why is it good?"

Little did i know that by this act of selflessness and love,


Only when I was older did I fully grasp the interpretation of 'good' in Good Friday.

The 40 days leading up to Good Friday is known as the Lenten season.

This is a time of reflection and prayer.

So many things has happened throughout these 40 days.

I believe that in some ways I have emerged from these 40 days being a little less of the bitch that I am.

Spiritual growth is so important and no amount of growth hormones or thyroxine or triiodothyronine can stimulate that growth other than reflection, repentance and prayer.

I am a person of very low tolerance 


I get frustrated very easily.

I think one of the biggest revelations for me this Lenten season is 

If we, ungrateful sinners as we are, can be forgiven by GOD,

then being patient and kind to others shouldn't be a Herculean task for me.

After all we ARE all children of God, created in His image.

So yes, I went forth with a mission at hand,

and I have to say,

mission impossible became mission somewhat possible.

Sorry Tom Cruise.


I have to say,

It feels pretty awesome too.

Not to mention that sense of pride and accomplishment blossoming in my heart.

Not referring to my ego by the way.

Happy belated Good Friday and 



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

When normal isn't what you expect

To all those waiting eagerly at the edge of your seats for my next mind-blowing post,

please recline in a more comfortable position


my finals are in 3 weeks and i'm freaking out.

Exams really stress me out.

When I say stress me out,

I mean really REALLY stress me out.

I can't stop stressing how much it stresses me out (hehehe).

I may not show it much but it's pure mayhem in my mind before exams.

How i look to everyone.

What's going on in my mind.

I mean who doesn't panic over exams?

However, I tend to worry too much,

to the point where it irritates people.

I tend to over think A LOT too.

Another one of my bad habits.

Over thinking leads to unnecessary and excessive self-motivation,

which is already second nature to me.

I am a planner.

I have to know my routine for the day beforehand and I like to stick to routines.

I have a specific and organised timetable for my studies in which I have to follow.

Everyday I set goals for myself (E.g.: finishing a certain number of chapters for a certain subject).

If I do not fulfill these goals i would be pretty agitated but of course I don't show it

because if I do, I'd probably end up looking and sounding like him.

I know many out there would disagree and say that i'm fortunate because self-motivation comes so easily for me


I beg to differ.

I do agree that it has definitely helped me achieve much more than I have ever expected academically 


It just drains so much energy out of me when I have to constantly worry.

Oh well, as they say,

old habits die hard.

Only the Good Lord knows how long this habit has been pre-existing,

even since I was a differentiating blastocyst (sorry this is the result of too much Physiology).

Off to study now I shall !

And now I'm left with my thoughts again.