Thursday, 26 April 2012

With a few blinks of both eyes


Long have I been dead, wallowing in the depths of despair as I clung unto the little faith I had that I would not give into temptation



I made it and IT FEELS GLORIOUS because


Can't believe it either.

With a few blinks of both eyes (not gonna say a blink of an eye because it definitely felt longer than a blink and no one blinks with just one eye cause it's weird) I'm done.

Adios mathchesmistryphysiology!!

It is no longer a necessity for me to master you.

Warning : This post may be a little lengthy due to my absence for the past week.

I have to say that though my first semester was only 4 months, yet I learned so much.

It is inevitable that I have grown as a person.

I've seen more things (not referring only to hot guys) and experienced more things.

For example,

I've learn to just let loose.

I do this thing where I only really show how weirdcrazyfunnyhyperenergetic I am with people that I've know for long periods of time and of course with people I'm very comfortable with.

Hence, when someone I am not particularly familiar with sees me in my natural habitat, they just stand in awe and amazement.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I'm getting there.

One of the crazy orientation activities in January (100% recyclable).

Second thing I learned is that 

I will not starve to death.

I started to cook.

Hold your horses it's just boiling eggs (yes it counts).

I have never boiled eggs in my life before this so kudos to me.

A decent egg-mayo sandwich by yours truly.


I rediscovered my passion for dancing.

I recently performed for the IMU ball and it was a magical evening.

Throughout all the practices, I realised how much I miss dancing.

Most of all I realised how much I LOVE it.

Cheers to a wonderful semester!

I will be wasting my time doing whatever the hell I want (that includes taking vain pictures).

because I'm FREE 


most of all because I CAN.

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