Tuesday, 3 April 2012

When normal isn't what you expect

To all those waiting eagerly at the edge of your seats for my next mind-blowing post,

please recline in a more comfortable position


my finals are in 3 weeks and i'm freaking out.

Exams really stress me out.

When I say stress me out,

I mean really REALLY stress me out.

I can't stop stressing how much it stresses me out (hehehe).

I may not show it much but it's pure mayhem in my mind before exams.

How i look to everyone.

What's going on in my mind.

I mean who doesn't panic over exams?

However, I tend to worry too much,

to the point where it irritates people.

I tend to over think A LOT too.

Another one of my bad habits.

Over thinking leads to unnecessary and excessive self-motivation,

which is already second nature to me.

I am a planner.

I have to know my routine for the day beforehand and I like to stick to routines.

I have a specific and organised timetable for my studies in which I have to follow.

Everyday I set goals for myself (E.g.: finishing a certain number of chapters for a certain subject).

If I do not fulfill these goals i would be pretty agitated but of course I don't show it

because if I do, I'd probably end up looking and sounding like him.

I know many out there would disagree and say that i'm fortunate because self-motivation comes so easily for me


I beg to differ.

I do agree that it has definitely helped me achieve much more than I have ever expected academically 


It just drains so much energy out of me when I have to constantly worry.

Oh well, as they say,

old habits die hard.

Only the Good Lord knows how long this habit has been pre-existing,

even since I was a differentiating blastocyst (sorry this is the result of too much Physiology).

Off to study now I shall !

And now I'm left with my thoughts again.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA BLASTOCYST. So Biology to me :P Good luck, Leanne! This is the polar opposite of my latest update ==

    1. HAHAHA! yeah just finished studying reproduction and kidney that's why. I know right? i felt a bit bad after reading yours cause my post was so happy. HAHA