Monday, 25 June 2012


I have been M.I.A. recently.

I'm sorry.

I have been experiencing lazy-blogger's syndrome.

The rampant spread of this virus throughout my body is inevitable.


Trying to shrug off the laziness and that's exactly why I decided to post today!

Glorious day it is.

So to fill you guys up on things, I have been busy choreographing a dance and working on a play by the drama club for the IMU Festival of the Arts.

I can't lie that I'm feeling rather exhilarated about it.

I thrive on the exuberance of the audience and the adrenaline rush during a performance.

Besides that, I climbed a hill!

Broga hill to be exact.

We departed at 4am so that we'd be able to catch the sunrise.

The climb was rewarding, albeit being a tremendous challenge due to steep hills and ginormous boulders in which one was required to hoist himself/herself up with a rope or one's upper body strength.

After witnessing how terribly desperate everyone is to get a piece of me, I hope you do spare me the slightest bit of sympathy for not blogging much.

By the way if I wasn't clear enough, I was being sarcastic.

Some people don't get it when I'm being sarcastic (something I find deeply troubling).

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