Saturday, 24 March 2012

Evaporating warriors of bravery

If you would just stop and think about it,

you would realise that


This is not going to be a post about recycling and being eco-friendly because we're already bombarded with ads about separating your trash and using recyclable bags.

Instead when I say filthy, I mean the kind of filthy that involves bacteria and germs.

and THAT is why I am a 


Say hello to my warriors or should I say, my knights in shining armour.

Sir Dettol-lioso Senior and Sir Dettol-lioso Junior.

Oh and of course Pookie (referring to the bear by the way).

They brave the stormy waves of viruses, not sparing a single drop of mercy (as stated on the bottle it kills 99.99% of germs) for the rampant growth of bacteria around us.


I sanitise anything and everything.

From my phone 

to toilet seats,

to keys,

 to my leg,

 and even my shoes.

I like my things to be clean.

I don't put my phone on public tables.

I don't hold on to hand rails while taking the train.

I don't even want to rest my arm on a coffee shop table.

I don't put my bags or anything at all on the toilet floor (would be crazy if anyone did).


I have to shower immediately when i come home because:

1. I'm carrying germs from the outside world into my room.

2. I have to shower and change into a new set of clothes BEFORE sitting or lying down on my bed.

3. I don't sit on my bed with clothes that have been worn outside.

This is how i probably look to you now.

If my friends ever come to my room for let's say a movie,

 I make sure they shower beforehand and wear new clothes


if they want to sit on my bed (which makes me cringe in horror),

I make them wash their feet.

If they do not fulfill all these conditions then too bad you're not touching my bed.

I'm serious.

Yeah so you know not to mess with me when it comes to personal hygiene.


  1. this i agree on fully D: but i dont complain. sanitisers ftw xD

    1. YAY thank you for your support:P