Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Don't judge a book by its cover

The library invites all kinds of people to enter its gates of solemnity and wisdom.

A post i made awhile ago about the library ( click here to find out) gave me the brilliant idea of blogging about the various categories of people you find in the library.



1. The "library furniture".

This is an expression that some of my friends use to describe people who you can ALWAYS find in the library without fail.

To the point where they blend into the background and are considered as part of the furniture in the library.

Or some may refer to them as the studious bookworms.

Bad representation of a bookworm seeing as the guy is considerably cute.

I hate these people.

They scare the shit out of me especially when exams are nearing 


you see them buried among a mountain of books that you never knew were important.

2. The slackers.

These people attempt to study but fail miserably.

They either end up talking,





3. The stalkers.

I do know a few people who actually go to the library to spot cute guys or girls.

I do admit that i'm guilty of this habit sometimes.

But when we do spot a cute guy, we handle ourselves very well.

What we think we look like

What we really look like

4. The groupies.

Do you know people who travel in groups?

And make trips to the library as a whole tribe?

Yes we all do.

These are usually the people whom we shoot dirty looks at.

You know they're coming when you see this

5. The table hog-ers.

These people tend to get on my nerves.

When the library tables are fully occupied, you always stumble upon a table or two that's FILLED with bags.

No people.

Just bags.

I do not understand why bags need chairs to sit on whereas we have to suffer by not having anywhere to sit and study (or talk).

It is especially annoying when they use their bags as some sort of evil device to pre-book those tables. 

As if marking their territory by placing their bags there.

But in the end, they DON'T COME BACK AT ALL.

Till next time, i'll be off observing more people in the library.

If you see a girl staring at you with huge, beady eyes in the library, it's probably me.

Here's some eye candy for you girls out there.

Yes i adore him.