Thursday, 15 March 2012

5 days of sheer joy (part 2)

For those who haven't read part 1 of this post, here it is


to continue on,

11th March 2012.

Was a pretty relaxing day.

Went grocery shopping with my family.

Nuggets of wisdom from my dad:

1. Learn how to pick out veges and raw meat (not only junk food).

2. Learn how to cook.

Which i will.


Then went for a mani pedi session with my mum.

My mum getting a pedi

Got myself a peachy pink nail colour

Attended a party with some friends at night.

It was raining so i didn't bring my camera, afraid that it would get wet.

Since this is a short post, i'll fill it up with some pictures:)
(Didn't want to combine this post with part 3 because it's gonna be uber long)

Yes we take lots of pictures in the car because driving without picture-taking is boring.

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